10/6/2016 9:25:00 AM
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Nationals of countries or regions allowed for visa-free entry

Please kindly see the link: https://lanhsuvietnam.gov.vn/Lists/BaiViet/B%C3%A0i%20vi%E1%BA%BFt/DispForm.aspx?List=dc7c7d75-6a32-4215-afeb-47d4bee70eee&ID=306

Application for Visas

For the delegates who need business visa to enter Vietnam, Thuyloi University will support to apply visa code from Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Visa applicants are required to send the passport photocopy to email: ico@tlu.edu.vn. This procedure normally will take 2-3 weeks. After receiving the visa code, visa should be issued at Vietnamese embassies abroad, or at international airports in Vietnam (upon arrival).