1/26/2016 8:37:00 PM
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Thuyloi University
Address: 175 Tay Son str., Dong Da distr., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84-4-38522201
Thuyloi University (TLU) was established in 1959 with the precursor as Electricity Water Resources Institute. After 55 years of establishment and development, the University has educated enormous scientific and technical staffs contributing actively of water resource development in Viet Nam.
To look back past 55 years since establishing, the University was undergoing development in the critical difficult conditions of national Anti- American War period. Thank to the special attention paid by Vietnam Communist Party, Government, along with the support of People and international community, the sustained effort of staffs, faculty and student generations, the University has affirmed that it is a premier university of Viet Nam, in educating and training the undergraduate and post-graduate human resources as well as it has been a scientific research and technological transferring center in the field of Computer Science, Economics, Hydraulic- Hydro-power and Water Resources.
In the aspect of International co-operation, the university has developed relationship with oversea through academic and technical collaborative and exchange universities, companies, institutes, international organizations.
Thank to the achievement the University achieved to date, the Government and Vietnam Communist Party has granted TLU noble rewards as Hero of Labor of “Doi moi” period, Ho Chi Minh Medal in 2004.
Bearing “Doi moi” spirit taken place throughout the country, TLU is striving for new exploits to enter a new period - turning- point in the history of TLU’s establishment and development so that TLU will be a reliable counterpart for equal cooperating in the region and world-wide.