9/11/2016 9:56:00 AM
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Long Oral Presentation





Vu Le Anh, Chien Phung Van, Cuong Vu Cao, Linh Ngo Van and Khoat Than Quang. Streaming Aspect-Sentiment Analysis


Dao Nam Anh. Detection of Lesion Region in Skin Images by Moment of Patch


Ying Wang, Mei Yu, Fen Chen and Gangyi Jiang. New No-Reference Stereo Image Quality Method For Image Communication


Dac-Thang Hoang and Tat-Thang Vu. Blind Method for Phone Segmentation Using Gaussian Function Locally


Nasiroh Chedoloh and Watcharapan Suwansantisuk. An Estimation Scheme Based on Pairwise Broadcast to Synchronize Wireless Sensor Networks


Giang Doan, Hai Vu and Thanh Hai Tran. Phase Synchronization in a Manifold Space for Recognizing Dynamic Hand Gestures from Periodic Image Sequence


Tran-Thai Dang, Phetnidda Ouankhamchan and Tu-Bao Ho. Detection of New Drug Indications from Electronic Medical Records


El Mehdi Khalfi, Jean-Paul Jamont and Michael Mrissa. A RESTful Task Allocation Mechanism for the Web of Things


Thu Le Kim, Doanh Nguyen Ngoc and Anh Nguyen Thi Ngoc. A multi-scale model for studying spatial epidemic spreading in an office building


Antoniya Petkova, Martin Dimitrov, Charles Hughes and Narsingh Deo. Accelerating the Distributed Simulations of Agent-Based Models using Community Detection


Thi Huyen Nguyen, Minh Hai Nguyen, Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen and The Quyen Ngo. Towards a syntactically and semantically enriched lexicon for Vietnamese processing


Bo Dao, Thin Nguyen, Svetha Venkatesh and Dinh Phung. Effect of Social Capital on Emotion, Language Style and Latent Topics in Online Depression Community


Huong T. Le, Son V. Nguyen, Lam N. Pham, Duy D. Nguyen and An N. Nguyen. Semantic Text Alignment based on Topic Modeling

Regular Oral Presentation


Phuong Nguyen Dong, Chau Vo. Automatic de-identification of medical records with a multilevel hybrid semi-supervised learning approach


Duy Pham, Bao-Khanh Le, Tu-Bao Ho and Ly Le. System pharmacology: application of network theory in predicting potential Adverse Drug Reaction based on gene expression data


Ban Ha Bang and Nguyen Duc Nghia. An Efficiency Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for the k-Minimum Latency Problem


Dang Xuan Binh and Duong Tuan Anh. A Suite of Techniques to Improve Random Projection in Time Series Motif Discovery


Kha Ha and Kha Vo. Real-Time Brainwave-Controlled Interface Using P300 Component in EEG Signal Processing


Ngoc Thuy Le. Blind Deblurring using Adaptive Image Model


Kang Hyeon Rhee. Gaussian Filtering Detection based on Features of Residuals in Image Forensics


Thanh Trinh, Joshua Zhexue Huang and Tung Nguyen. A Frequency-Based Gene Selection Method with Random Forests for Gene Data Analysis


Giang Son Tran, Thi Phuong Nghiem, Nhat-Quang Doan, Alexis Drogoul and Chi Mai Luong. Fast Parallel Blur Detection of Digital Images


Hoang Nguyen, Chau Vo and Hua Phung Nguyen. Combining Transfer Learning and Co-training for Student Classification in an Academic Credit System


Hoang-Anh Nguyen, Quyen Bui, Thang Vu and Hoang Tran. An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Electroencephalographic Signal Classification towards Brain-Computer Interface Implementation


Ekarin Suethanuwong and Sangnapa Hirunmutraporn. Searching of Best-effort Messages in TTEthernet Switches during the Timely Blocking Intervals


Tuan-Phong Nguyen and Anh-Cuong Le. A Hybrid Approach to Vietnamese Word Segmentation


Van Hai Do, Nancy F. Chen, Boon Pang Lim and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson. A many-to-one phone mapping approach for cross-lingual speech recognition


Thanh Duong and Quoc Luu. Performance Evaluation of Distributed File Systems under Cloud Computing Environment: Small-File Problem


Pham Nguyen Hoang, Jean-Daniel Zucker, Marc Choisy and Ho Tuong Vinh. Causality Analysis Between Climatic Factors And Dengue Fever Using The Granger Causality


Gandhimathi Moharasan and Tu Bao Ho. A semi-supervised approach for temporal information extraction from clinical text


Manh Cong Tran, Sei Kudo and Yasuhiro Nakamura. Malicious HTTP Communication Detection Based on Access Graph Analysis


Viet Tran Hong, Huyen Vu Thuong, Vinh Nguyen Van and Nguyen Le Minh. A Reordering Model For Vietnamese-English Statistical Machine Translation Using Dependency Information


Hoa Nong Thi and Bui The Duy. Classifying human body postures by a two-neuron Fuzzy Neural Network


Luyen Cao Thi and At Pham Van. A fast and efficienct reversible watermarking method using generalized integer transform


Van Canh Pham, Dung Ha, Quoc Dung Ngo, Chi Quang Vu and Xuan Huan Hoang. A new viral marketing strategy with the competition in the large-scale Online Social Networks


Duc Quang Vu, Van Truong Nguyen and Xuan Huan Hoang. An Improved Artificial Immune Network For Solving Construction Site Layout Optimization


Tuan-Minh Pham and Linh Manh Pham. Load Balancing using Multipath Routing in Network Functions Virtualization


Afra Khenifar, Jean-Paul Jamont, Michel Occello, Choukri-Bey Ben-Yelles and Mouloud Koudil. About Cooperation of Multiagent Collective Products: Approach in the Context of Cyber-physical Systems


Tran Thi Cam Giang, Marc Choisy and Jean Daniel Zucker. Quantifying the effect of synchrony on the persistence of infectious diseases in a metapopulation


Duc Minh Le, Duc-Hanh Dang and Viet-Ha Nguyen. Domain-Driven Design Patterns: A Metadata-Based Approach


Duc-Hau Le, Ba-Su Pham and Anh-Minh Dao. Assessing human disease phenotype similarity based on ontology


Thanh-Sach Le, Nhu-Tai Do and Kazuhiko Hamamoto. Speed Up Temporal Median Filter and Its Application in Background Estimation

100  Hai Vu, Christos Tachtatzis, Paul Murray, David Harle, Kien Dao Trung, Lan Le Thi, Ivan Andonovic and Stephen Marshall. Spatial and Spectral Features Utilization on a HyperSpectral Imaging System for Rice Seed Varietal Purity Inspection

Short Oral Presentation


Dao Nam Anh. Imbalance Regulation for Identification of Abnormality in Medical Images


Binh T. H. Nguyen and Bui Ngoc Dung. Robust and adaptive shadow detection in surveillance systems using Gaussian processes


Hoang-Viet Tran, Chi-Luan Le and Ngoc Hung Pham. A Strongest Assumption Generation Method for Component-Based Software Verification


Trung Thien Vo, Bac Le and Nguyen Le Minh. Scoring and Ranking An Explanatory Sentence By Improving BM25E and SumWordLR Methods

69Nghi C. Tran, An C. Tran and Hiep X. Huynh An Approach to Counting Brown Planthopper in Images Containing Overlapping Individuals


Quoc Nghia Phan, Hoai Phuong Dang and Xuan Hiep Huynh. Similarity Kernel for User-based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System


Son Trang Hong, Huy Nguyen Van, Nguyen Huynh Tuong, Lang Tran Van and Ameur Soukhal. An Approach Based on Max Flow Resolution for Minimizing Makespan of Personal Scheduling Problem


Thuy Le Thi, Hung Vo Thanh, Trung Mai Duc, Tho Quan Thanh and Tuoi Phan Thi. An Ontology-based Coreference Resolution Approach for Aspect-level Sentiment Analysis