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From Noibai airport to Hanoi center

After getting out of the arrivals exit gate, you will easily find out a fleet of taxi waiting for you. Do not rush to the invitation of any taxi drivers.


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with a millennium-long history, has become one of the most beguiling cities in Asia. The city located in the Red River Delta in the center of North Vietnam has a lovely landscape of lakes, shaded boulevards, verdant public parks, colonial French houses and astounding modern skyscrapers. Hanoi is political and cultural center of Vietnam. The destinations listed below encapsulate the breadth of the Vietnamese cultural and historical experience, from the country's founding a thousand years in the past, to its liberation from French and American colonial powers.

Travel and Accommodation Information

Rooms in different hotel categories have been blocked at preferential rates. Several hotels are within walking distance to the Water Resources University. Detail information on hotel reservation and other travel tips will be provided in the Second Announcement, which will be available on May 31st 2016.